Why Water Works

Cars love Water Works and it’s easy to see why. Water Works provides a great clean at a great price, 7 days a week, 24 hours a day. Our touchless, automatic technology protects from the scrapes and scratches that bristles and rags can leave behind. High quality, high performance cleansers and protectants deliver a better wash, every time. Water Works offers 4 washes starting at just $5 - from The Basic to The Works. With five convenient Greensboro locations, Water Works delivers a quick, complete, and affordable car wash in minutes.

Cars kept consistently clean last longer and have better resell value. Driving a clean car can change the way you see the world…through your windshield, at least. At Water Works we believe a clean car equals a clean mind. So do yourself and your car a favor: visit Water Works and enjoy the suds.